Story Submission Page

Instructions for submission

1) A submission should include only 1 coherent story; however, multiple posts (multiple stories) by the same author are encouraged.

2) Posts should be submitted as a word .doc, .docx, or as a .rtf (rich text) file.  

3) Photographs or figures are encouraged.  Please name the image file with the same name as the text file appending a "-Fig1" to the end.  You may include more than one image, but try to keep images proportional to text length. Image quality will be scaled down for posting, so keep this in mind.  Please do not embed images in the Word document, just attach them to the email individually.

    File name example:         JohnSmith1.doc 
    Image name example:     JohnSmith1-Fig1.jpeg

4) In your document, be sure to include your full name as you would like it to appear on the website.  If you would like to post anonymously, include your name so that we know who the post is written by, but state clearly under your name "I would like this posted anonymously."  We will post your entry with the author "Anonymous Member".    

Submit files by email to with the subject line "Stories from Japan" and your files as attachments.  We look forward to hearing your exciting tales from Japan!