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Scientific Groups Meeting

On 10 December 2005, thirty fellows from all over the United States gathered in Chicago to establish the Scientific Groups (SGs). This event was honored by the presence of the Directors of the JSPS Office in Washington DC, Prof Akira Masaike, and the Director the JSPS Office in San Francisco, Prof Seishi Takeda.

The Scientific Groups is one of the activity units of the Alumni. Fellows are guided to join the SGs of their preference according to their area of study/research. These groups were created to encourage fellows in close areas of research to know each other and establish collaborations.

In Chicago, the attendees had a Meishi exchange, introduced themselves, got acquainted and were warmly welcomed by the JSPS fellows who reside in Chicago Metropolitan area.

On that afternoon, the organization of these groups was explained and the participants actively provided their input. Some of the goals of the SGs are to: promote science among the fellows and the community, coordinate activities with the Executive Committee, collaborate with the newsletters’ team, maintain communication among the members, guide members to create scientific sub-groups according to their fields of research, etc.
The Scientific Groups categories and their coordinators and alternates are as follows:
  • Biology and Medical Sciences: Amanda Persaad and Yurong Lai
  • Chemistry: Abhijit Sarkar and Chris Palmer
  • Engineering: Hui Hu and Guodong Zheng
  • Physics and Math: Arup Neogi and Anil Patnaik
  • Social Sciences and Humanities: Dajin Peng and Louis Esparza