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MSF Questions & Answers

Frequently asked questions:
What does 5th MSF registration cover? (so the registrants now what they're paying for)
will cover lunch, 2 nights of hotel (i will have to confirm this, last year one night was covered by the Washington office and one by the alumni association), flights to and from the meeting (will have to confirm this with the Washington office since they will be paying), banquet dinner

Does everyone have to register (speakers, non-speakers)?
all alumni members have to register whether or not they are giving a talk.

Do invited speakers have to register?
No, this registration page should be for alumni members only.

Is there a general assembly on the following sat?
yes, Shamim is organizing that.

Is there a program for the 5th MSF (even preliminary)?
Yes, Please see attached.

Is a talk mandatory for attendance?

Will there be support for travelling?
Probably, have to confirm with Washington Office

Will there be support for accommodations?
Yes, as noted above.  It may be that only one night will be covered.  Again, will have to confirm this with the Washington Office.

What is the format of the talk (min)?
This is all laid out in the applications for speakers.  Invited speakers get 30 minutes, alumni member speakers get 15 min.  this includes time for talk and questions.

Will there be a computer available or does one simply bring a flash drive?
As Ranga said (I don't think he copied you on the email), people are expected to bring their own computer.  A Macbook Air will be available if needed, but compatibility issues should be checked prior to coming to the meeting.

Will the computer be PC or Mac? Compatible with both?
As above, only a Mac will be available.  So, PC people should plan to bring their own computer.

How many min for questions?
See above.

BRIDGE presentations: How long? Format?
Currently there is not a plan for a presentation by the Bridge recipients.  I will try to fit this into the schedule, but it will be extremely difficult.
Dress code?

Poster format: Size of boards?
We will send out a call for posters soon for you to post on the web site.   Posters should be 3.5 feet x 3 feet.  a total of 16 posters can be accommodated.