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Talk submission

Call for Alumni Member Speakers for the 6th MSF of the
JSPS Fellows Alumni Association

Overall MSF Speaking Organization

  • There will be 5 separate oral presentation sessions at the MSF, one for each section of the Alumni Association; Engineering, Chemistry, Biology & Medical Sciences, Social Sciences, and Mathematics & Physics.
  • Each session will contain speaking slots for invited speakers from Japan and the USA as well as for Alumni Association members.

Procedures for Alumni Association member speakers at the 6th MSF

  • Each session at the MSF will contain 2 or 3 speakers from the ranks of the active Alumni Association members.
  • Each Alumni Association member speaker will have 15 minutes to speak; 13 minute talk, 2 minutes for questions. Length of the talk is subject to change depending on time constraints.
  • Alumni Association members may nominate themselves for a speaker slot by filling out the attached nomination form.
  • The Alumni Association Executive Committee member representative for each section will select 2 or 3 speakers from all the nominations for their respective section.
  • The Alumni Association members chosen for a speaker slot will be notified as soon as possible and are responsible for arranging travel plans through the JSPS Washington Office. AA members who are not selected for oral presentations are encouraged to present posters.

Due Date

Nomination forms for both the invited Japanese/US speakers and the Alumni Association member speakers are due no later than October 1st, 2015


For questions contact please contact Louis Esparza or Shamim Mirza.

Talk Abstract Submission Form