BRIDGE Fellowship 'contribution' examples

As part of the selection process for the BRIDGE Fellowship, one of the screening criteria is that “The applicant is actively involved in alumni activities.” Here are examples of making a “Contribution" to alumni association.

General (open to every member):
Open to every member but needs approval:
  • Hosting Alumni Seminars
  • Successful Nomination of Candidates for Short Term Fellowship, etc.
  • Hosting an Info Session at a university or an Institute
  • Representative of a Chapter
  • Hosting events of Chapters
  • Organizer of events open to AA members
  • Presenting lectures or posters in AA-sponsored events
Special (only when proposed):
  • Reviewer for some screenings (Bridge fellowships excluded. Short Term and Summer Program, etc.)
  • Speaker and/or Helper with an Info Session held by JSPS Washington Office
  • AA Committee member