Pre/Postdoc Short-Term Fellowship Awardee History

2018 Awardees

Ms. Neysa Grider-Potter
Ms. Neysa Grider-Potter is currently a graduate student at Arizona State University and her postdoctoral appointment will be at Osaka University. She is broadly interested in the form and function of the mammalian axial skeleton. Her thesis examined how cervical vertebral form is adapted to facilitating head mobility and maintaining head stability in primates. An anterior foramen magnum has historically been associated with bipedalism within the human lineage. Her postdoctoral fellowship through the US JSPS AA will investigate the effects of foramen magnum position on head balance during bipedal walking. In collaboration with her colleagues at Osaka University, she will then apply these form-function relationships to understand how the advent of obligate bipedality in our ancestors affected the mechanism of head balance.