Fellowship Information


Are you considering doing research in Japan?

JSPS offers many kinds of fellowships to support researchers at various stages in their careers.  Please explore the below information for a partial list of programs, or visit the JSPS Fellowship programs for researchers in the US and Canada page for even more information.


JSPS offers many attractive Fellowship program possibilities. For U.S. Researchers, these include the following:
 For Japanese Researchers, this Postdoctoral program is offered:
More information, including application deadlines, can be found on the JSPS Washington Office web site.  In addition, Long-Term or Short-Term JSPS Invitational Fellowships are available according to the purpose of the overseas researcher’s visit for those who hold a position equivalent "to a university professor, associate professor, or assistant professor" or "to a university professor or associate professor" respectively.

Alumni-related Programs and Funding

The JSPS US and Canada Alumni Association Seminar Program offers funding to members of the US JSPS Alumni Association to support academic seminars that to promote the objectives of the Association. Complete details can be found on the Seminar Program page.

Of special interest is the BRIDGE Fellowship Program which is targeted exclusively for regular members of officially established JSPS alumni associations who have conducted research activities in Japan under the Postdoctoral Fellowships for Foreign Researchers or other JSPS programs.

Non-JSPS funding opportunities