Welcome to the 2016 Executive Committee Election Page!

Election Results:

The Election Board presents to the JSPS-AA membership the following persons for the Executive Committee for fiscal years 2016 to 2018.

1) Biology: Alexander Hernandez, Kutzown University

2) Social Sciences: Niwako Yamawaki, Brigham Young University

3) Physics and Math: Shamim Mirza, California State University, Long Beach

4) Chemistry: Jingbo Liu Louise, Texas A & M University – Kingsville

5) Engineering: Melissa Chan, Southern Illinois University

6) At Large: Blanca Chattin Kacouris, SWYAA

Since only one candidate ran for each EC position, there was no need to conduct the election.

We appreciate the opportunity of having served the JSPS-AA.

John Bolander, University of California, Davis

Louis Esparza, California State University, Los Angeles


Call for Nomination:

The term of the current US JSPS Fellows Alumni Association Executive Committee (EC) will expire on March 31st, 2016. Elections will determine the members of the next EC, whose 2-year term will begin with the 1st of April 2016. Representation for each Science Group is required. In other words, one representative each for (1) Biology & Medical Sciences, (2) Engineering, (3) Physics & Mathematics, (4) Chemistry, (5) Social Sciences & Humanities, and (6) At-Large is sought (this representative can be from any of the Science Groups or not fall into one specific group). The alumni body is asked to elect one representative from each Science Group and one at-large. Once the six individuals have been chosen, the new EC will appoint, internally, a Chair, Vice-Chair, Treasurer, Secretary, BRIDGE Fellowship Committee Chair, and a Newsletter Editor. For information about the responsibilities of each EC position take a look at the Association Bylaws, linked here.

This announcement shall serve as the Official Call for EC candidacy. Interested parties are invited to nominate other Alumni Members in good standing; self-nominations are also accepted. Eligibility requirements are detailed here.

To nominate, please scroll to the bottom of the page, section "Candidacy".

For further questions on the election or the nomination process, please use the contact links below:

Election Schedule

Stage 1

  1. Election Schedule Announcement: 3 December 2015
  2. Call for Nominations: 3 December – 7 January 2015
  3. Candidate Confirmation: 7 – 8 January 2016

Stage 2

  1. Voter Registration Deadline (last day to establish membership to be admitted as a voting member): 8 January 2016
  2. Candidate Announcement: 15 January 2016
  3. Voting Period: 15 – 29 January 2016
  4. Election Results Announcement: 5 February 2016


All nominations must conform to the established candidacy eligibility rules, which are provided in full here. The relevant sections state (excerpt from Election Rules: Sections 2 and 3):

2. Eligibility of Candidacy

Eligible candidates must:
  1. have a PhD degree and at least some postdoctoral experience prior to running for office.
  2. be a regular Alumni Association member who has paid annual membership fees for at least two consecutive years leading into the election year.
  3. have attended at least one General Assembly (GA) meeting prior to running for office.

3. Voter Eligibility

Any regular Alumni Association member who has paid annual membership fees during the relevant year of the election is eligible to be voters.

Want to nominate someone?
Please fill out this form to nominate yourself and/or another person for candidacy.

You may nominate as many other persons as you wish from any Science Group, but it strongly recommended you communicate your intent to nominate someone with that person first to establish that s/he is willing to run for office.