Special Committee

Responding to the initiative by Alumni Member Dr. Chris Packham, in Spring 2015, six elected members joined to form a Special Committee to discuss several pressing issues: 
  • revisit the AA mission and vision
  • develop a 5-year and a 10-year plan for the Association
  • outline strategies for growth
  • revisit the relationship with JSPS Washington Office
The members of this committee were:
  1. Dr. Alexander R Bay
  2. Dr. Blanca Chattin-Kacouris
  3. Dr. Chris Packham
  4. Dr. Dawn Doutrich
  5. Mr. Evan Thomas
  6. Dr. Vassiliy Tsytsarev
Serving as a member of the Executive Committee was Dr. John E. Bolander.

The Special Committee submitted their findings in this report to the GA on 7 November 2015 in Sacramento, CA, and then the Special COmmittee was closed.  Please note that input from all members about this report is strongly encouraged. Voice your opinion, by submitting your comments here.