Communications Committee

At the US JSPS Alumni Association Board of Directors 1st Regular Meeting (FY2019) on January 11, 2020, the Communications Committee was established for the purposes of:

- Gathering information about US and Canada JSPS Alumni members and making newsletters
- Soliciting and generating content intended for distribution (receive, review, edit) with the final approval by the Chair of the Board of Directors or his/her designate on the Board of Directors
- Making proposals related to US and Canada JSPS Alumni Association for the Board of Directors
- Advising the Secretariat and implementing the Secretariat’s proposals

The present Communications Committee includes these individuals:
  • Louis Esparza, Associate Professor, Department of Sociology, California State University, Los Angeles *
  • Chris Packham, Professor, Department of Physics & Astronomy, The University of Texas at San Antonio
* Communications Committee Chair