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Bylaws - retired July 2017

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Approved by the General Assembly in Gainesville, FL on November 8th, 2014
Revised by the General Assembly in Sacramento, CA on November 7th, 2015


Section 1: The name of the organization shall be “US JSPS Fellows Alumni Association”,
and shall hereafter be referred to as “the Alumni Association”.

ARTICLE 2: Objectives

The objective of the Alumni Association is to maintain and expand the network of JSPS
fellows and to promote US-Japan scientific cooperation. In pursuit of these objectives, the
Alumni Association will carry out the following activities:
  1. Foster and encourage US alumni members to maintain and develop relationships with Japanese researchers.
  2. Host science related events (forums, conferences, etc.).
  3. Conduct other activities that promote the development of the JSPS community and scholarship within that community.
  4. Issue newsletters to keep members informed of the Alumni Association activities, development and activities of the members and JSPS related issues.

ARTICLE 3: Fiscal Year

The fiscal year for the Alumni Association’s program runs from April 1 to March 31. The
program year for the Alumni Association will match the fiscal year as much as possible.

ARTICLE 4: Membership

Section 1: There are three categories of membership: regular member, associate member,
and honorary member.
Section 2: All persons who have been awarded support from JSPS are eligible for regular
membership. Regular members are defined as US citizen/permanent resident or individual with lawful working permit who is working or residing in the US.
Section 3: Those who are interested in pursuing and achieving the Alumni Association’s
objectives, but have not been awarded support from JSPS, are eligible for associate
membership. The executive committee reviews and approves applications for associate
Section 4: Those who have a distinguished record of promoting scientific exchange
between the U.S. and Japan are eligible for honorary membership. The executive
committee reviews applications for honorary membership and nominates worthy
applicants to the General Assembly.
Section 5: Associate members and honorary members can participate in all Alumni
Association activities, but do not have the rights of regular members that are specified in
Article 5. In addition, associate members and honorary members are not eligible for travel
subsidies from JSPS for Alumni Association activities.
Section 6: The Alumni Association requires all members (except honorary members) to
pay annual membership dues.
Section 7: Membership will be terminated in the following cases:
  1. Death of the member.
  2. Submission of a written withdrawal notice to the Alumni Association by the member.
  3. Expulsion from the Alumni Association.

ARTICLE 5: Rights of Regular Members

Section 1: Regular members are allotted one vote to cast in each decision making matter
of the General Assembly, including modifications of the bylaws.
Section 2: Regular members can run for election to the executive committee. The details
can be found in “Election Rules”.
Section 3: Regular members can vote on the election of the executive committee
Section 4: Regular members are eligible for BRIDGE Fellowships.

ARTICLE 6: Organization

Section 1: The highest authority of the Alumni Association is the General Assembly.
Section 2: The Alumni Association consists of five science groups: 1) Biology and
Medical Sciences, 2) Engineering, 3) Physics and Mathematics, 4) Chemistry, and 5)
Social Sciences and Humanities.

ARTICLE 7: Executive Committee

Section 1: The executive committee (hereafter “the EC”) is set up as the executive body
of the Alumni Association.
Section 2: The EC is formed by one representative of each of the five science groups and
one representative at-large.
Section 3: A representative of each science group of the EC, and the at-large
representative, are elected by voting among all regular members of the Alumni
Association. The rules of election are defined separately.
Section 4: A chair, a vice-chair, a treasurer, a secretary, a chair of the BRIDGE
Nominating Committee, and an editor of newsletters are elected by mutual vote among
the EC members.
  1. The chair presides over the committee and supervises activities of the Alumni Association.
  2. The vice-chair assists the chair and acts for the chair in his/her absence.
  3. The treasurer is responsible for financial management of the Alumni Association.
  4. The secretary performs public relations, advertising and record keeping.
  5. The chair of the BRIDGE Nominating Committee works with the JSPS Washington Office to coordinate applications and selection process.
  6. The editor of newsletters produces newsletters quarterly.
Section 5: The EC shall hold one regular meeting each fiscal year.
Section 6: Special meetings of the EC shall be held upon the request of the Chair or twothirds
of the EC. The Secretary shall send out notices of special meetings to each EC
member two weeks in advance.
Section 7: The EC performs the following functions.
  1. Drafts program plans
  2. Drafts annual budgets
  3. Nominates BRIDGE Fellowship awardees
  4. Reviews and approves applications for associate membership
  5. Nominates persons for honorary membership to the General Assembly
  6. Performs other functions not stipulated under these articles
Section 8: A quorum is comprised of the attendance of at least four of members of the EC.
The chair or the vice-chair should be included.
Section 9: The EC’s decisions may be made through the holding of meetings or by way of
letter, telecommunication, fax or e-mail.
Section 10: Decisions are made by a majority vote.
Section 11: All EC decisions should be recorded in the minutes.
Section 12: The term of office for the EC members is two years. Until a re-election of the
EC is held, the members are to remain in office. If a member resigns his/her post in midterm,
the EC will appoint another person from the regular membership to fill the
remainder of the term. This appointment must be supported by at least four EC members.
Section 13: An EC member may be re-elected.
Section 14: The EC members shall serve without remuneration.
Section 15:The EC shall consult with the JSPS Washington Office about their programs
and activities.
Section 16: Resignation from the EC must be in writing and shall be e-mailed to all the
members of the EC. An EC member may be removed from office for neglect of duties or
other reasons by a two-thirds vote of the remaining members.

ARTICLE 8: Science Groups

Section 1: Science groups are formed according to academic disciplines to facilitate the
activities of the Alumni Association, which is mostly academic in nature. According to
the change of composition of the members of the Alumni Association, the number and
division of the science groups can be changed by the EC with the approval of the General
Section 2: Each member of the Alumni Association belongs to at least one science group.
Members with interests across the disciplines can join more than one group.
Section 3: The representative from the science group serves as the coordinator of the
group. The coordinator is responsible for coordinating the activities of the group.

ARTICLE 9: General Assembly

Section 1: The General Assembly comprises of all of the regular members of the Alumni
Section 2: A quorum of the General Assembly is achieved by the participation of more than
20 people of the regular members including letters of proxy.
Section 3: The General Assembly shall convene at least once a year on a date and at a
location to be determined by the EC in consultation with the JSPS Washington Office.
Special meetings of the General Assembly may be called by the EC or by proposal of more
than 20 people of the regular members.
Section 4: The General Assembly makes the following determinations:
  1. Approval of annual plans proposed by the EC
  2. Establishing and amending the Alumni Association’s by-laws
  3. Approval of honorary members
  4. Dismissal of EC members
  5. Rendering decisions on expulsion appeals
  6. Dissolution of the Alumni Association
  7. Other issues as needed
Section 5: Decisions of Section 4 from (1) to (3) and (7) are made by the majority voting.
Decisions of Section 4 from (4) to (6) are made by a two-thirds majority voting.
Section 6: Special meeting decisions may be made through the holding of meetings or by
way of letter, telecommunication, fax or email.
Section 7: Minutes of the General Assembly shall be taken and all decisions made recorded
in them. The minutes shall be signed by the EC chair and the secretary.

ARTICLE 10: Secretariat

The secretariat of the Alumni Association shall be the JSPS Washington Office.