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Please find below the US and Canada JSPS Alumni Association Bylaws.   A downloadable PDF version of the bylaws in available here: US and Canada JSPS Alumni Association Bylaws



Section 1: The name of the organization shall be “US and Canada JSPS Alumni Association”, and shall hereafter be referred to as “the Association”.

ARTICLE 2: Objectives

The objective of the Association is to maintain and expand the network of JSPS program participants and to promote scientific cooperation between the U.S.-Canada and Japan. In pursuit of these objectives, the Association will carry out the following activities:
1. Foster and encourage the Association members to maintain and develop relationships with researchers in Japan.
2. Organize events that enhance communication among the Association members and with researchers in Japan.
3. Support other academic activities initiated by the Association members.

ARTICLE 3: Organization

The Association incorporates a board of directors (hereafter “the BD”) and committees.

ARTICLE 4: Membership

Section 1: There are three categories of membership: regular member, associate member, and honorary member.
Section 2: Persons who have been funded and/or awarded by JSPS and currently residing or have an affiliation with a research organization in the U.S. or Canada are eligible for regular membership. Former STA (The Science and Technology Agency) fellows are also eligible for regular membership.
Section 3: Individuals and organizations who are interested in pursuing and achieving
the Association’s objectives are eligible for associate membership.
Section 4: Those who have a distinguished record of promoting scientific exchange between the U.S.-Canada and Japan are eligible for honorary membership.
Section 5: Membership shall be given upon application and approval by BD.
Section 6: The Association requires no fee for Membership, however the Association reserves the right to introduce a membership fee at any time.
Section 7: Membership will be terminated in the following cases:
1. When the member’s contact information is expired.
2. Submission of a written withdrawal notice to the Association by the member.
3. Expulsion from the Association.

ARTICLE 5: Board of Directors

Section 1: The BD will consist of a minimum of 1 and no more than 12 members. Director of JSPS Washington Office participates as an ex officio. A nominating committee will recommend a candidate to the BD. In the absence of a nominating committee, the Chair of BD will act as nominating committee.
Section 2: The BD shall hold a regular meeting at least once each fiscal year.
Section 3: Director of JSPS Washington Office serves as Chair of BD.
Section 4: The Chair shall preside over the BD as a voting member.
Section 5: Special meetings of the BD shall be held upon the request of the Chair or two
thirds of the BD. The Secretariat (as defined in Article 9) shall send out notices of special meetings to each BD member two weeks in advance.
Section 6: The BD authorizes and delegates JSPS Washington Office to perform the following functions which are submitted to the BD for approval:
1. Drafts program plans
2. Drafts annual budgets
3. Nominates BRIDGE Fellowship awardees
4. Reviews and approves applications for membership
5. Designates persons for honorary membership
6. Reviews and approves Chapter applications
7. Has authority to add members to the BD
8. Has authority to expel members
9. Has authority to dissolve Chapter
10. Has authority to expel BD members by two-thirds vote
11. Amends the by-laws
12. Performs other functions not stipulated under these articles
Section 7: A quorum is comprised of the attendance of at least half of the BD members including the Chair.
Section 8: The BD’s decisions may be made through the holding of meetings or by way of letter, telecommunication, fax or e-mail.
Section 9: Decisions are made by a majority vote except as otherwise specified.
Section 10: All BD decisions should be recorded in the minutes.
Section 11: The term of office for the BD members is two years. Until a renewal or resignation takes place, the members are to remain in office. A position may be vacant until a candidate is found.
Section 12: The BD members shall serve without remuneration.
Section 13: The BD shall consult with the JSPS Washington Office about their programs and activities.
Section 14: Resignation from the BD must be in writing and shall be e-mailed to all the members of the BD.

ARTICLE 6: Induction to the Board of Directors

Section 1: An independent nominating committee will search and invite highly qualified individuals to be inducted into the BD. This nominating committee will work with the JSPS Washington Office.

ARTICLE 7: Committees

Section 1: The followings are standing committees of the Association and the BD shall appoint the chairperson and the other members of the Committees except Review Committee, whose members shall be appointed by the Director of JSPS Washington Office:
A. IT Committee
B. Review Committee
C. Communications Committee
Section 2: Special Committees may be appointed by the BD Chair as needed to consider matters upon which action is desired.
Section 3: The purpose and objective of a committee can be found in separate documents concerning that committee.

ARTICLE 8: Chapter

Section 1: Members of the Alumni Association can make groups called “Chapter” which hold events for the purpose of promoting activities of the Alumni Association. Establishment of a Chapter needs BD approval.
Section 2: When the Chapter is established, the Chapter must report the name of the Chapter, the representative and the purpose.
Section 3: The Chapter shall use the name of the Alumni Association and the logo of the Alumni Association when they hold events.
Section 4: The Chapter must report their activities to BD annually.

ARTICLE 9: Secretariat

The secretariat of the Alumni Association shall be the JSPS Washington Office.

ARTICLE 10: Fiscal Year

The fiscal year for the Association’s program runs from April 1 to March 31.

ARTICLE 11: Amendments to the Bylaws

Bylaws may be changed or amended once a year at the annual meeting of the BD by two-thirds vote of the members present. All proposed changes to the by-laws must be submitted to the BD at least 30 days in advance of the meeting.