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Bylaws (1 April 2012 - 7 November 2014)

This pages provides an earlier version of our bylaws. They are no longer valid. 

ARTICLE 1: Name and Location

Section 1: The name of the organization shall be “US JSPS Fellows Alumni Association”, and shall hereafter be referred to as “the Alumni Association”.

Section 2: The alumni association’s location of operation includes the fifty US states, the District of Columbia and US territories. It is headquartered in Washington DC.

ARTICLE 2: Objectives

The objective of the Alumni Association is to maintain and expand the network of JSPS fellows and to promote US-Japan scientific cooperation. In pursuit of these objects, the Alumni Association will carry out the following activities:

(1) Foster and encourage US alumni and young researchers to maintain and develop relationships with Japanese host researchers.

(2) Host science related events (forums, conferences, etc.).

(3) Conduct other activities that promote the development of the JSPS community and scholarship.

(4) Issue newsletters to keep members informed of the alumni association activities and developments of the members.

ARTICLE 3: Program Year

The fiscal year for the Alumni Association’s program runs from April 1 to March 31. The program year for the alumni association will match the fiscal year as much as possible.

ARTICLE 4: Membership

Section 1: All persons who have received or will receive support from following JSPS programs that are citizens or are now are residing in the US are eligible for the membership.

    Postdoctoral Fellowships for Foreign Researchers

    JSPS Summer Program

    Invitation Fellowship Program for Research in Japan

    The Distinguished Scientist Program.

Section 2: Individuals that are interested in pursuing and achieving the Alumni Association’s objectives are eligible for the associated membership by being given permission from the chair of the executive committee.

The chair of the executive committee will consider granting associated membership for the candidates that are nominated by current active members of the alumni association. The associated members are welcome to attend scientific events and meetings of the alumni association. Associated members are not eligible for travel subsidies from JSPS.

Section 3: All the members should pay an annual membership fee as established by the General Assembly. Membership-fee paying alumni are considered active members.

Active members can vote on the association matters and have the rights of election and being elected in the executive committee members. Active members are also eligible for travel subsidiaries from the JSPS for symposiums and annual meetings.

ARTICLE 5: Organization

Section 1: The Alumni Association consists of five science groups: 1) Biology and Medical Sciences, 2) Engineering, 3) Physics and Mathematics, 4) Chemistry, and 5) Social Sciences.

Section 2:The highest authority of the alumni association is the General Assembly.

Section 3: A representative is elected from each group by the total vote among all the members of the alumni association.

Section 4: The five group representatives and one representative at large form the executive committee.

ARTICLE 6: Executive Committee

The executive committee (hereafter “the committee”) is set up as the executive branch of the alumni association.

Section 1: The committee is formed by five science group representatives and one representative at large.

Section 2: A chair and a vice-chair are elected by mutual vote among the committee.

Section 3: The term of office for the committee members is two years. Until an election of the committee is held, the members are to remain in office. If a member resigns his/her post in mid-term, the committee will appoint another person to fill the remainder of the term.

Section 4:A committee member may be re-elected.

Section 5: The elections shall be held every two years.

Section 6: The committee members shall serve without remuneration.

ARTICLE 7: Responsibilities of the committee

Section 1: The committee shall have responsibilities for routine business of the alumni association between general assemblies and to act in case of the emergencies.

Section 2: The chair presides over the committee, supervises activities of the Alumni Association, and is the official representative of the Alumni Association.

Section 3: The vice-chair assists the chair, and acts for the chair in the absence of him/her.

Section 4: The committee shall consult with the JSPS Washington Office about their programs.

ARTICLE 8: Science Groups

Section 1: Science groups are formed according to academic disciplines to facilitate the activities of the alumni association, which is mostly academic in nature. According to the change of composition of the members of the alumni association, the number and division of the science groups can be changed by the executive committee with the approval of the general assembly.

Section 2: Each member of the association belongs to at least one science group. Members with interests across the disciplines can join more than one group.

Section 3: The representative from the science group serves as the coordinator of the group. The coordinator is responsible for coordinating the activities of the group.

ARTICLE 9: Meetings

Section 1: The general assembly of the alumni association shall be held at least once a year on a date and at a location to be determined by the Executive Committee in consultation with the JSPS Washington Office. Twenty members shall constitute a quorum for the general assembly.

Section 2: The executive committee shall hold one regular meeting each fiscal year. Special meetings may be called by the chair, or by vote of three executive committee members. Four members shall constitute a quorum for the executive committee meeting.

ARTICLE 10: Amendments of the Bylaw

These bylaws may be amended, repealed or altered in whole or in part by a majority vote at any regular or special meeting of the executive committee. Any change of the bylaw should be presented to the general assembly for approval.